Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I invited Bossman and Bosswoman into classroom 14 for a private chat this afternoon. I listed my accomplishments in the past year, other good things I've done for the school and also the results of recent feedback forms, and asked for them to consider raising my number of holiday days from 25 to 30 as compensation. Without hesitation, BM looked at BW, they nodded and then BM told me that they didn't need to consider it, and they approved it on the spot.

We talked about other organisational things for about 20 minutes, and then as we got up to leave, BW smiled at me, and said to BM, 'Tell him.' I was puzzled. BM smiled and then told me that at the beginning of April they had decided to give me a raise (I hadn't asked for one), and for me to expect my salary to be higher this month! I thanked them both again.

I came out of the meeting and Young Secretary said to me, 'Can I be nosey and ask what that was about?' to which I sternly replied, 'No.'

Just before I left school, I found out (through the grapevine) that Incompetent Colleague had asked BM for, and been denied, a pay rise yesterday.

************************ UPDATE ************************

Something went wrong with the bank transfer for IC's salary, and I overheard him talking to BM about the correct amount that should have gone in. It turns out that, with my raise, I take home €125 a month more than IC.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It gets worse

This is kind of a continuation of the post from earlier today.

I arrived at work to find that Incompentent Colleague hadn't come in yet, and the black car wasn't there. No problem, as Bossman was there and had brought the blue car back. I remembered that IC had taken the blue car to the petrol station, ran it through the car and vacuumed it out before running off with the black car yesterday, so I figured that everything would be great. My mistake.

I got in the blue car and THERE WAS NO BLOODY PETROL IN IT ! ! ! ! ! ! The needle was on the red part of the gauge and the dashboard light was on - he hadn't put petrol in it. What kind of twonk/moron/idiot would take a car to a PETROL station, have it washed, vacuum it and not put PETROL in it?

Tell the WHOLE truth

This rant is not because I'm lazy, it's about the difference between telling someone the whole truth, and only telling them part of it.

As previously mentioned on here, I bring a company car home on Monday nights, as I have to work outside of the school on Tuesday mornings and afternoons. Yesterday, I took the key to the black car at about 17h, as I always do. Shortly after that, Incompetent Colleague came over and asked me for it. I hesitated, but then he said he was just going to have it washed and put petrol in it, implying (by using the word 'just' and his tone of voice) that it'd be back before I left school for the evening. I gave him the key, and he ran out the door.

I walked into the office and Bossman asked me if I had a key to a car, to which I replied that I had just given it to IC. BM took the other key and told me I'd have to come to the school in the morning to get a car, because he needed one (he was too lazy to walk home again....he lives closer to the school than I do) and that IC needed one for the evening. I told him that IC had implied that he would bring one back before I left, and BM told me that he was keeping it overnight and had asked him if that would be okay (to which BM agreed).

Had he said, 'I'm going to put petrol in it, wash it and then need to use it this evening. I'll have it back for you by 8h30 tomorrow morning,' this post wouldn't exist.

Friday, April 23, 2004


My counter has just reached 1000 (#1000 appears to have been a Canadian).

I'd like to thank everyone that reads my blog, especially those who have linked to it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Thanks for the advance notice

As I was walking by the office on my way to a class on Monday evening, Young Secretary called me in and introduced me to someone she said would be a guest in that class (guests are allowed one free class to see if they think a certain class would suit them). I looked on the board for her Guest Card (the secretaries are supposed to fill in a card giving us info on the person, and also letting us know that we'll be having a guest so we can prepare properly - make extra photocopies, etc), and there wasn't one. I asked YS where the student's guest card was, and she said that she hadn't made one so I figured that the guest had just walked in (it happens from time to time). When we got to the classroom, I asked her when she had called, and the reply was, "Two weeks ago."

Friday, April 16, 2004

Teach where?

I had to fill in for Part Time Colleague at 9am today, due to the fact that he was on holiday, so I prepared my lesson and then asked Old Secretary which room the student would be in (it was a single, intensive class). She checked the room list and said, 'Room 18.' So, I put my materials in room 18 and waited....and waited....and waited. At 9:10am, I went back to the office, confirmed that she had said room 18 and then waited in the office (the student would have to pass the office on his way to room 18). At 9:15am, Young Secretary rushed into the office and asked, 'Why aren't you teaching?' to which I replied, 'My student isn't here yet.' She then said, 'He's waiting in room 24 for you.' I let her know that OS had told me room 18, we both gave her a disapproving look, I gathered my materials from room 18 and dashed up the stairs to room 24.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Unclear of the concept

I sent a message to the school's mail email address this morning to inform the secretaries of something, and it came back as underliverable (Yes, I verified that I had sent it to the right address). When I got to school, I told Young Secretary about the email bouncing. She said that the mailbox might be full, because they get a lot of email with virus attachments that take up space. I asked her if she thought she should clean out the box in case something important came in (perhaps a contract for more business). Her response was, "Why? Then more of the spam email will come in and I'll have to clean it out again."

I walked away.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

As I was running out the door 15 minutes ago, Young Secretary SMSed me and told me that the below-mentioned student had just called her and cancelled due to being ill. What a shame. Not!

Also, since he cancelled on the same day as the class, I still get paid for it.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Who needs a logbook?
Our day classes are still on holiday this week, so Young Secretary asked me to teach Part Time Colleague's single intensive class, as he'll be on holiday tomorrow. I agreed, as she was in a tight spot.

I brought the logbook for the class home for the four-day weekend, so I could see what was done and start planning the lesson today. A lot of good that did me…. I've just opened it and have found that barely anything has been written. Incompetent Colleague taught the class last Monday and only wrote the date. PTC took the class over on Tuesday and only wrote general things, Present Continuous, Past Continuous, etc. There's no record of the sources he used (we don't use proper books for intensive classes, we tailor them to the students' needs), so I'll be going in blind.

What a way to start the work week.


I've finally figured out how to put a blogroll up. This'll save the trouble of having to access the blogs I read daily through others' blogs.

Where have my archives gone?
Most of November is gone, as is the entire Febuary file. Does anyone know what's going on? I haven't changed my settings.

There's something wrong with the EuroBlog coding, but I can't figure out what it is. I C&Ped it right from the EuroBlogs website when it was generated. Ideas?

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I've just found out about International Weblogger's Day - 9 June 2004, and will be participating.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Why is it that time passes so quickly on days off? We have a four day weekend and it's 22h49, but it feels like it should be 18h.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

It's not my problem

Our day classes are on Easter Break now, and I've been teaching a morning intensive course the last week. I teach offsite on Tuesday mornings, and remember Young Secretary telling me last week that Incompetent Colleague would be teaching it today. After the class yesterday, I took the logbook to IC and started to explain to him what I had been doing with them, to assist him with his lesson preparation. As I started, he told me that he wasn't teaching it. I decided not to argue with him, and went to the office and told YS that she needs to find another teacher for it, as IC had said that he wasn't teaching it. She told me that he was. I thought about going back to the teachers' room and telling IC what YS had said, but changed my mind and put the log book back in the rack (after all, I don't handle scheduling). I then returned to the teachers' room and began preparing for my next class.

Here's how the conversation went after that...
IC: Did you get that straightened out?
MrT: No
IC: Why not?
MrT: I won't be here tomorrow morning when there turns out not to be a teacher for the intensive class, so why do I care what happens?
IC: Fair enough.

********************** Update **********************
It turns out that IC did end up teaching the class yesterday, and they told me today (Wednesday) that they disliked him and his lesson.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Like I have any control over it

I've been coming down with something for a few days now, and it became a bit obvious yesterday. I was talking to Bosswoman, who heard my voice getting a bit raspy and said, 'Don't get too ill.' 'I hope you feel better soon,' would have been much nicer.