Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It gets worse

This is kind of a continuation of the post from earlier today.

I arrived at work to find that Incompentent Colleague hadn't come in yet, and the black car wasn't there. No problem, as Bossman was there and had brought the blue car back. I remembered that IC had taken the blue car to the petrol station, ran it through the car and vacuumed it out before running off with the black car yesterday, so I figured that everything would be great. My mistake.

I got in the blue car and THERE WAS NO BLOODY PETROL IN IT ! ! ! ! ! ! The needle was on the red part of the gauge and the dashboard light was on - he hadn't put petrol in it. What kind of twonk/moron/idiot would take a car to a PETROL station, have it washed, vacuum it and not put PETROL in it?