Monday, April 12, 2004

Who needs a logbook?
Our day classes are still on holiday this week, so Young Secretary asked me to teach Part Time Colleague's single intensive class, as he'll be on holiday tomorrow. I agreed, as she was in a tight spot.

I brought the logbook for the class home for the four-day weekend, so I could see what was done and start planning the lesson today. A lot of good that did me…. I've just opened it and have found that barely anything has been written. Incompetent Colleague taught the class last Monday and only wrote the date. PTC took the class over on Tuesday and only wrote general things, Present Continuous, Past Continuous, etc. There's no record of the sources he used (we don't use proper books for intensive classes, we tailor them to the students' needs), so I'll be going in blind.

What a way to start the work week.