Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Secret Smokers

New Girl smokes. I first discovered that on a night out I had with her, Young Secretary and Pompous Ponce shortly after they moved here. I was quite surprised by that, since she doesn't drink alcohol and is a vegan (both by choice). She told me that she nevers smoke at school and doesn't want her students to know about it.

Guess who's come in smelling like a cigarette factory many times? You're right, NG. It's been obvious to me, so I'm sure her students have also picked up on it.

The New Guy we had in July (that only lasted six weeks) told me that he used to smoke, but turned out to be a heavy smoker.

What is it with Secret Smokers?

On a somewhat not so related note, Christmas Do update (yes, I am going - free food!): We drew names yesterday for the people we have to buy presents for and I got NG's. If I wasn't such a rampant non-smoker, I'd buy her some fags..