Friday, October 22, 2004

Two classes, three teachers, a secretary, a boss and a mess

Part 1

I teach a class on Fridays (15h - 16h30) that will be taking a Cambridge exam on 4 December 2004. It's an in-company class 2km from the school and they're a great lot - hard working, studious and love to learn. Class K is a very intense, fast paced and wonderful class, and is a great way to end my week. The only time they've had a different teacher was when I went to the Olympics in August, and they were less than satisfied with his lesson (they called it a waste of time). I'll be out of town on 29 October and 19 November, so last week we decided to lengthen our 90 minute classes by 30 minutes to make up for that time.

Pompous Ponce also teaches a Friday after noon (15h30 - 17h) in-company class 50 km away and hates it. Every Friday he tells us that he's never going to teach class S again. From what he's said, they only attend to get out of working and don't like to do anything.

After my class on Thursday ended (at 11h50), I went into the office to put some documents back. Young Secretary looked at me 'You're teaching class S tomorrow and New Girl is going to teach class K. I looked at her and responded, 'No way', to which she said, 'PP is going to have a coloscopy, so you're doing it. I don't know why he scheduled it during that class.' I couldn't believe she had said that, so countered with 'We all know why he did that...he hates the class.' YS then looked at me and said, 'True.'

It should be said here that he was not too ill to work, but his doctor thought the procedure would be a good idea. He taught his classes Friday morning. Also, I want to emphasise that I am not complaining about someone needing time off for medical reasons.

I then asked her why NG, who had had Friday off, couldn't do it. She replied, 'She can't drive on the motorway' (it's important to note here that having a driving license is a requirement to be hired by our school). I was shocked and asked why a person who has had a full driving license for many years couldn't drive on a motorway, to which YS replied, 'She's too nervous, she'll crash the car'. That's the point at which steam started spewing from my ears. The conversation got louder and continued:

MrTeacher: 'You've got to be kidding!'
YS: 'I'm not.'
MrT: 'My class is six weeks away from a major exam [that they have paid €150 for], and you want a teacher who has never prepared anyone for the exam to teach them, just because she's afraid of driving on the motorway? She can take backroads. I'll find her a route on the map!'
YS: 'She can't do it. I'VE RIDDEN WITH HER! She's way too nervous. She'll crash the car.'
MtT: 'HOW IS THAT MY CLASS' PROBLEM ? This isn't fair to them. I'm going to call Bossman.'
YS: 'Go ahead.'

Ring ring

Bossman: 'This is Bossman.'
MrT: 'Hello, it's MrT. You probably know why I'm calling.'
BM: 'Yes.'
MrT: 'I disagree with your decision.'
BM: 'New Girl is new to the country and is still learning how to get around and the road signs. She probably won't be able to find it.'

1. The road signs on the Continent are mostly the same as those in the UK (NG is from Scotland).
2. I've never been to the town the class is in either.
3. NG's been here for more than two months now.

MrT: 'This really is a bad idea.'
BM: 'Class S is a lot more important to me than class K. If we cancel again, we'll lose the account.'

Note: Class S's company only has one class with us and class K's company has six!

MrT: 'How about if NG agrees to it?'
BM: 'Then it's okay.'
MrT: 'Cheers. Bye'

I told YS what BM had said, and she said, 'NG will never do it. She CAN'T.'

More later. I have to get ready and then leave to teach the class.