Friday, August 27, 2004

As expected,

Part-Time Colleague didn't follow my lesson plan for my Friday afternoon class last week. Sigh. I had hoped he would have.

Here's what it said:
Collect their essays and put them in my inbox, please. Go over answers to the practice test I gave them before going on holiday (the reading seciton of the BEC Vantage Practice Exam #3 (Oxford book)), and make sure they understand their errors. Continue on in the (name of book) book, starting on page 68.

I'd say that's pretty specific. What did he do with them? He had a 90 minute conversation with them on NATURE!

Also, we have a teachers' meeting at 8h30 on Monday. Those are always a waste of time fun, because you never know what to expect. At one of them, two teachers spent 20 minutes argueing about desks.

Finally, Young Secretary told me that two new teachers started while I was on holiday. A 38 year old man from England and a 28 year old woman from Scotland. I haven't met them yet, but assume I will on Monday.