Monday, October 09, 2006

Smart plan

I rarely use my mobile phone and usually keep it off at weekends (unless I'm expecting a call/sms to make plans) and while I'm asleep. It's a good thing I did yesterday evening, as Young Secretary attempted to call me twice this morning to see if I could work.

What had happened was that the schedule was changed late on Friday and emailed to the teachers with a request that Talkie be notified in person because she doesn't have a mobile or email (actually, I'm the only teacher that has the internet (hence email) at home so emailing it to all of us was fruitless). Not unexpectedly (because none of us socialise with Talkie at weekends), she didn't show up for a class she didn't know she had to teach, which led to various problems/arguments/etc today (that luckily I was not involved in).