Friday, August 11, 2006

New Guy’s next problem

Upon entering the teachers’ room, I greeted Two-Face (that’s the nicest nickname I could think of for her, so perhaps I’ll have to make a Name the **** post) and she started a conversation with me:

TF: ‘Some guy just came in here and stole my markers for the whiteboard.’
MrT: ‘Some random bloke?’
TF: ‘Yes.’
MrT: ‘What did he look like?’
TF: ‘He was good looking and about my age.’
MrT: ‘That’s New Guy.’
TF: ‘Oh?’
MrT: ‘Yes, he’s a new English teacher here.’
TF: ‘Do you think I’ll get my markers back?’
MrT: ‘Perhaps.’