Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Objective achieved!

We were given a set amount of photocopies that we were allowed to make at the beginning of the year. Every teacher was assigned their own photocopy code and the photocopier tracks them itself. I've always thought that that was a bit daft due to the fact that teachers always need to supplement their course books with other materials for their students and have said that once I reach my limit, I would stop photocopying for the year. I reached it yesterday and got a message on the copies could no longer be made on my number.

MrT [jumps, puts arms in the air in the teachers' room]: 'HOORAY!!! I'VE DONE IT!'
*Other teachers stare at me*
Bossman comes into the teachers' room: 'What are you on about, MrT?'
MrT: 'Look at the photocopier!'
BM: 'Have you broken it?'
MrT: 'No, and I won't be able to. Read what it says. I don't have to make any photocopies for the rest of the year!'
BM reads the message and realises why I'm so happy.
BM: 'Nice try, MrT. My number is ****.'

Oh well, at least I had accomplished my goal.