Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It’s only a folder

Secretary from Hell gave me permission to use her computer while she was at lunch yesterday. I checked my email and did some surfing and gave it back to her when she returned.

She sat down at her computer and realised that I had accidentally closed one of her folders and went on the rampage. ‘YOU CLOSED MY FOLDER! IF YOU’RE GOING TO USE MY COMPUTER YOU CAN’T DO THINGS LIKE THAT! THIS IS SO INCONVENIENT’ and she continued on for five minutes. I apologised to her several times, but she continued on.

Realising that she might not know how to open it, I went over to her computer to help her.

MrT: ‘Young Secretary, how do I find the folder that I closed for SfH?’
YS: ‘SfH knows how to open it.’
MrT: ‘You mean I’ve spent the last five minute being told off for something insignificant as this and SHE KNOWS how to open it again? Aaaggghhh!’ and I walked out of the office.

Nothing is ever easy here.