Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reading lessons needed

Earlier this month I was ill so I went to my local GP and was excused me from work for a bit. I took the note to the school (it was on the way home) and gave it to Secretary from Hell before returning to my sanctuary to wait out the illness (and ply myself full of what had been prescribed for me).

Two days before I was due to return, I received an email from a student saying that her class was looking forward to my return the following day (one student in each of my classes has my email address in case of emergency). I was quite surprised, and then emailed her saying that I wouldn't be in that day, but the following one. It turns out that SfH hadn't marked me out for the proper length of time, despite the fact that it was clearly stated on the excuse.

After discovering that, I thought about not contacting the school out of spite, but that's wouldn't have been fair to my students. I sent Bossman a carefully worded email about the date of my return.