Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why it's good to leave your moblie off

1. Pompous Ponce's car wouldn't start last Thursday, so he tried calling me for a ride to a company in which we both had to teach. My phone was off. He also tried calling Smilroid, but his phone had packed up. PP ended up taking a taxi.

2. Young Secretary was still working on the schedule for this week at 16h last Friday (after everyone had left, but that's another post) and tried calling me to see if I could cover a couple classes for WhingeBag. My phone was off. She then tried calling New Girl. Her phone was off. Smileroid just happened to walk into the office shortly after and got stuck with the classes.

If they start paying my mobile bill (which'll never happen), I'll start leaving it on for their convenience. Until then, it's only on when I want it to be on.