Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wanted: Colleagues that can actually think

I entered the teachers’ room and Smileroid engaged me in conversation:

SR [frantic tone]: ‘MrT! Have you read the new memo on the bulletin board?’
MrT: ‘No, SR, I’ve just walked in. Let me have a look at it now.’
SR [even more frantic tone]: ‘It says [issue]!’
MrT: ‘Let me read it.’

*I read the memo*

MrT: ‘SR, where on here does it say that?’
SR: ‘I don’t know, but WhingeBag told me that that was what it said. I haven’t read it yet.’
MrT: ‘Perhaps you should. It says nothing like that at all.’
SR: ‘But WhingeBag said…’
MrT: ‘I really hope you don’t believe everything she says. Give it a read.’
SR: ‘I will later.’

The issue is not important on this blog, but what SR had thought the memo had said would have been important if it actually had said that. Apparently, WB had read it and misinterpreted it and told SR, who was in a tizzy over it for no reason at all.