Thursday, February 23, 2006

This week’s reason to celebrate

Pompous Ponce received a packet from a school district in England on Monday, including a job application. He kept telling us about it, so I encouraged him to fill it in and send it back. I was using the internet in the office when he came in, and here’s how the conversation went:

PP: ‘I’ve filled it in.’
MrT: ‘Should I take it to the post office for you?’
PP: ‘You sound like you want to get rid of me.’
MrT: ‘I do. Young Secretary, that’s one out of the way, how many others do we want to get rid of?’
YS: ‘Hmmm…let’s see…’
PP: ‘I’m not gone yet.’
MrT: ‘Yes you are, YS has already reassigned your locker.’

PP stormed out of the room. Later that day, he sent off the application.

Everything I said was put across in a playful tone so he’d think that I was taking the piss, but I really wasn’t.