Monday, January 30, 2006

What annoyed me last week, part 1

Young Secretary apparently lost the grades I submitted in October and accused me of never having given them to her. I pulled my records that proved I had turned them in and made photocopies of them for her.

I then turned in my participation/attendance/attitude grades (all are combined into one) and oral abilities grades for my grammar and correspondence classes (they weren’t due til last Friday), which she rejected. She told me that there’s no way that the same students can have the same participation/attendance/attitude grades and oral abilities grades for grammar and correspondence classes and that I’d have to submit new ones for the correspondence class.

Right. Like the SAME students participate differently, don’t attend class and have different attitudes and oral abilities when we change from grammar class to correspondence class? Very unlikely.

So, I made more photocopies of those grades and turned them in. She came up to me later and said, ‘They look like photocopies of the same grades,’ to which I said, ‘They are and that’s all you’re getting.’ She grudgingly accepted them.