Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The stupidity never ends

Right, so I walked into work yesterday and checked the schedule. What did I see? Apparently one of my day’s holiday hadn’t been put on it correctly and even though my classes had been taken off of my schedule, a class of Fun Colleague’s had been PUT ON it due to the fact that SHE’LL BE ON HOLIDAY THAT DAY!

MrT to Bossman: ‘You know that class of FC’s that you want me to teach?’
BM: ‘Yes?’
MrT: ‘Tell me what seat numbers they’ll be in on my airplane and it’ll be no problem.’
BM: ‘You’re on hols that day?’
MrT: ‘Yes, you approved it in July.’
BM: ‘Oh shit.’

The daftness baffles me.

I’ll be back after Christmas Break. Happy Christmas and New Years to all.