Thursday, December 15, 2005

Scheduling update

with reference to this post.

I hadn’t planned on telling them until tomorrow, but I was cornered by Bossman and Young Secretary about a new class that they wanted me to teach one of the weeks I’ll be on hols in January and had to tell them. It came out like this:

MrT: ‘You do realise that I’ll be on holiday that week, don’t you?’
Bossman: ‘WHAT?’
Young Secretary: ‘NO!’

I pulled out the paperwork and showed them that it had been approved in July.

MrT: ‘Feel free to send my students to [place I’ll be visiting].’

Even though it happened a couple days earlier than I had hoped it would, it was a scream seeing the looks on their faces and watching them frantically scramble to the schedule and start looking for substitutes.