Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All I wanted to do was print

I had a PDF file that I needed to print out before 13h30 for a student. That should have been an easy feat, but nothing's ever that easy at my school.

The Stone Age computer that the teachers are allowed to use gave an error message every time I tried to open the file. The computer lab was being used by a class, so I couldn’t go there. I asked Young Secretary if I could use her computer to print and she said, ‘I’m working,’ which she was but not with the computer. She could have stepped away for a minute and taken her paperwork with her.

I went into Bossman’s office and explained my predicament to him, and he told me that I could print from his laptop. We put my memory stick in and his ancient laptop didn’t recognize it. What to do? Time was ticking.

Finally, Secretary from Hell got up and went for a cup of coffee. Before YS could object, I sat down, put my memory stick in, brought up and printed the file, retrieved my memory stick and then left. It took about 45 seconds.

Things shouldn’t always have to be this difficult.