Thursday, November 24, 2005

Someone just doesn’t get it

I clued Smileroid in on this due to the fact that he has a similar situation, and he then decided to attempt to play their game too. However, he’s lacking common sense.

He went to Young Secretary and ASKED HER to move one of his classes back an hour so that he’d get paid ‘driving time’! How daft can a person be? She then told him that she couldn’t do that, and he told her he wanted the extra money. She refused, she told Bossman that he had been insisting on it and then BM had a word with him about it.

When he relayed what had gone on to me, I told him that he had approached it in the wrong way. He should have convinced the student that she wanted to move her lesson back an hour and then gone into the office and told them that the student had requested a time change and they wouldn’t have even known what was going on.

You can’t play their game if you’re not smarter than them (which really isn't that difficult to be).