Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Class

We had a new class start on Saturday that will be meeting twice a week. At a normal school, the second day would have been worked out in advance by the administrative staff and the teacher would have been selected. Not at my school.

WhingeBag and Smileroid are sharing the Saturday bit, but the way that the second day of the week was determined was on Saturday by Young Secretary going into the class and asking the students which other day and time is best for them.

After that, she sent me an email (on a Saturday!) asking me if I’d teach it late on Monday evenings (she emailed me because my mobile was off ON MY DAY OFF!). I replied to her email saying that I couldn’t, as I start at 7h30 on Mondays and Tuesdays, and finish very late on Tuesdays, and reminded her that the late Monday class I had last year became the late Tuesday class I have this year (the day was changed for my convenience). I went into work yesterday and found out that Clown had been given the late Monday class.

I was chatting with Bossman this morning and told him about the situation, and also why I didn’t want to do the class (but would substitute when needed). He told me that he completely understood, but didn’t like the result of who got the class and would be talking to YS about it today.

Organisation at its best.