Monday, October 24, 2005

We’re teachers, not mind-readers

Old Secretary ran into the teachers’ room at 9:40 this morning and saw Smileroid, Pompous Ponce and me preparing lessons. She frantically said, ‘I need a teacher right now. Who can teach?’ When asked why she needed one, she said that Clown was supposed to teach a new class that started at 9:30, but he was off on Friday (when it was put on his schedule) and no one had called him and told him about it (she called him at home this morning when he didn’t show up).

I burst out laughing.

She asked SR, who said he wouldn’t do it due to the fact that he had nothing prepared and for a class he didn’t know he would be asked to teach that had started ten minutes before, and she knew she couldn’t ask me because I had to teach at 10:00. She asked PP and he reluctantly agreed to do it.

Just another day at the office.