Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pissed off

Bossman took me into a classroom ten minutes before the teachers’ meeting started yesterday to break some quite upsetting news to me. He told me that he had offered Pompous Ponce more responsibility the day before. PP will be interacting more with the students on an office level type thing in order to find out what they think of their lessons/materials/teachers. That's fine with me as he went to uni in the-country-that-won’t-be-named and speaks the language incredibly well (much better than I do). I honestly have no problem with that. Then the bomb dropped.

BM went on to tell me that PP will also be observing teachers, giving feedback, checking teachers’ lesson plans and doing other things of that nature, because he (BM) doesn’t have time. Basically, a Director of Studies type of position. You can only imagine my surprise. Apparently, my 3+ years of service to the school don’t mean anything to BM. To patronise me even more, he then said, ‘I hope that’s not a problem for you?’

I went on to ask him why I wasn't even being considered for the teacher development part, and he couldn’t give me an answer. I then told him that it wasn’t fair for me not to be involved due to the fact that PP and I are teachers of the same level (so we’ve been told by the bosses). I then went on to tell him that if there’s going to be a teacher development program then I should also be given an opportunity to participate in it. He reluctantly agreed to consider it.

We went into the meeting and he broke the news to the other teachers, but broke it as PP and possibly me. It turned out that WhingeBag had a zero beginner class starting today and is not good at teaching them, so BM told her that she should get together with PP before then. After comparing schedules and finding out that they wouldn’t be able to get together before the class, BM looked at her and said, ‘Then MrT.’ I agreed to do it, but am going to make it clear to BM that I WILL NOT PLAY SECOND FIDDLE TO PP!

Later in the day, I took PP into a classroom and confronted him on it. I told him that I wasn’t annoyed at him, but wanted him to know that I know and will be confronting Bossman on this in the near future. Apparently, two days ago wasn’t the only time that BM had talked top about that. It had been presented to him a while before that and then had been discussed a few other times. He made it perfectly clear to me that he doesn’t plan on observing my lessons or checking up on my preparation because he knows he doesn’t have to. I thanked him for that and told him that I still thought I was being treated unfairly by BM and was still going to talk to him.

Not sure what else to say, other than I’m more than slighly pissed off. I plan on having a few words with BM today.