Wednesday, October 19, 2005

If you want something done right, do it yourself

From time to time we have to drive to various businesses for incompany classes. We have a few school cars and are pretty good at arranging the details among ourselves (the English teachers) rather than waiting for the office to screw it up at the last minute. Yesterday evening, Bossman came into the teachers’ room a bit panicky saying that we didn’t have enough cars for today and asked where certain teachers were so that he could sort it out.

MrTeacher: ‘Don’t worry, we’ve already sorted it out.’

BM: ‘Care to share?’

MrT: ‘Sure. New Girl has one car and will be taking it home. WhingeBag will bring the other car back to me this evening and I’ll take it home, pick her up in the morning and well go to Company together [we have classes at the same time at the same company], then I’ll bring her back and return to Company again for a second class. Smileroid will take the last car home and he’ll go to Company because his class starts when ours end, so there’s no way that he can get one of the cars that’s already out.’[Speaking quite rapidly because I had very little time before my next class].

BM: [Head spinning] ‘Let me sit down.’

MrT: ‘We didn’t wait for the office to sort it out because we wanted it to work.’