Thursday, October 06, 2005

The ever changing schedule

I walk into the office at 8h30.

Secretary from Hell: ‘Where have you been?’
MrT: ‘At home, why?’
SfH: ‘What about your 7h30 class?’
MrT: ‘I don’t have one today. According to my schedule [that the office printed out for me last week], it’s at 9h45 this morning.'
*shows SfH the schedule*
SfH: ‘Let me call the student’
*calls the (incompany) student, student says that the lesson was for 7h30, I tell her to see if we can reschedule for 9h45, we do*
SfH: 'It was at 7h30.'
MrT: ‘It says here 9h45 [points to schedule]. It’s not my fault, I don’t make the schedule. Talk to the people that do!’ [that includes her].

I'm glad I always get a copy of my schedule printed out.