Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Do it yourself

19:00 yesterday evening

Young Secretary: ‘Old French Teacher is ill and I need you to call WhingeBag and tell her that she needs to teach [English to] OFT’s 8:20 class tomorrow.’

MrT: ‘No way.’ [I’m the class’ English teacher]

YS: ‘What?’ [in a ‘how dare you not do what I say tone]

MrT: ‘I don’t handle scheduling, the office does. I’m not going to call a teacher that doesn’t have to work til tomorrow afternoon and tell her to change all her plans for the evening and plan a lesson for 8:20 the next morning. The person who made the decision, you or Bossman, needs to call her and do your own dirty work!’

YS: [harrumph]

MrT: ‘You know I’m right.’

Three minutes later

Bossman: ‘Can you please call WhingeBag and tell her what she needs to teach that class tomorrow?’

MrT: [thinking quickly] ‘Have her call me and ask me what to do with them this evening after 21:00.’ [I worked til 20:40, and if they have her call me then they have to ask her to teach the class first.]

21:34 – My phone rings

BM: ‘It looks like I’ll be teaching the class. What should I do with them?’

Apparently WhingeBag said no.