Tuesday, August 02, 2005

An ill holiday?

After a doctor’s appointment last Monday, I returned to the school and told Bossman that I needed the following Tuesday (today) off for medical reasons. He said I could have the time off and would rework the schedule to accommodate that. I reminded him again on both Thursday and Friday of last week, foolishly thinking that something would actually be done.

I arrived at work yesterday and found out that none of my classes had been reassigned and I was still scheduled to work. Young Secretary was back from hols, so I asked her if Bossman had told her about the day off I needed. Unsurprisingly, he hadn’t.

I told her that I had been reminding BM about it, but she didn’t seem to be all that interested. I finally said (in a frustrated tone of voice), ‘I will not be in tomorrow. When my students arrive to be taught at 7:30, I won’t be here. Same with my other classes. I won’t be here. BM approved that last week, whether he remembers it or not.’

Just after that, BM walked in and YS said to me, ‘He’s here, you can remind him,’ to which I replied, ‘I’m not reminding him again,’ and walked out of the office.

A couple hours later, I noticed that the schedule had been rearranged (I assume YS had reminded BM). Checking the ‘official’ schedule in the computer, I noticed that BM had put ‘Holiday’ next to my name.

Holiday? I don’t think so!

MrT: ‘Bossman, you have me on holiday tomorrow.’
BM: ‘Right, and?’
MrT: ‘This is for medical reasons, so it should be a sick day.’
BM: ‘What are you doing again?’
MrT: ‘I’m having [insert reason] done.’
BM: ‘The whole day?’ [translation – you can work tomorrow afternoon]
MrT: ‘I am not coming into work tomorrow after having [whatever] done!’
BM: ‘Okay, I’ll change it to a sick day. Same thing, really.’
MrT: ‘A world of difference to me.’

I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to think I would come in after being reminded (again) of the reason I needed the day off. I might take a sickie on Wednesday (if I don’t actually need to take one) out of spite.