Thursday, June 02, 2005

I’ve been complained about

At the end of a chat I was having with Bossman yesterday, he said to me, ‘Please be nicer to the office.’ I let out slight chuckle as ‘What?’ came out of my mouth. He then told me that he had had a complaint about me from the office. I informed him that I knew who it was and that it had to do with photocopies. He asked who I thought it was and then confirmed my suspicions that it was Secretary from Hell. He also confirmed that I was right about the reason. He said that she had told him that I had been very demanding and impolite when having them made and that I was asking to have too many made.

A bit of necessary information: This is exam time and I teach both of our classes that will be taking Cambridge exams (B2 and C1 level for those in the know) as well as our internal school exams this month (I also have other exam). I waste a lot of (unpaid) time making photocopies and asked Bossman (at the beginning of May) if I could have the secretaries’ help with them this year, to which he agreed.

The conversation went like this:
MrT: ‘You had told me that I could ask them to make photocopies when needed, so I did. I gave her several papers that I needed copies of on a Tuesday morning at 9am and asked her to have them ready for me by 11am on the following day. When I needed them, I asked her them and she hadn’t made them yet. I asked her, not in a rude way, to make them and bring them up to me before the ninety minute class ended, which she did. ’

BM: ‘The secretaries are busy at times.’

MrT: ‘All three of them were there, so there was no reason for her not to have had them made.’

BM: ‘All three of them? Yes, they should have been done.’

MrT: ‘I don’t feel that I was rude at all and that this is a valid complaint.’

BM: ‘She can be difficult at times.’

MrT: ‘At times? You’d be surprised how many teachers have had problems with her.’

BM: ‘Really?’

MrT: ‘Yes, talk to them and find out. I’d like to consider this a non-issue.’

BM: ‘Don’t worry, it is.’

So, the person who didn’t do what she was supposed to do complained about me for asking her to do what she was supposed to do to the person who told me that it’d be okay to ask her to do it.

Is it me, or does this sound odd to anyone else?