Thursday, June 09, 2005

Incompetency at its best

I needed yesterday morning off for personal reasons and WhingeBag substituted for me for two classes. Frankly, both were disasters even though I had spoken to her on Tuesday and had given her lesson plans with specific instructions on what she needed to do and photocopy for each class.

When I got to work on Wednesday afternoon, Bossman asked me where the answers to the practice exam I had left for class P were. I told him that I had given them to WB, and he told me that she had told him that I hadn’t. Not only had I given them to her, I had also watched her put them into class P’s folder! I walked into the teachers’ room and asked her what had gone on. She told me what had happened and then also told me that I hadn’t given her the answers. I went over to group P’s folder and pulled out the paper with the answers, and magically she remembered that I had given them to her.

I then asked her about group R. She said that they laughed and did some of the work I had left for them, but then THE ENTIRE CLASS GOT UP AND LEFT thirty minutes into a ninety minute class!

Apparently, I can’t even take only half a day off.