Wednesday, May 25, 2005

When there's nothing left to complain about…

We had a waste of time teachers’ meeting yesterday and the subject of holidays came up. Pompous Ponce and New Girl have a habit of complaining about me always being on hols, so of course my name was brought into it. The fact is that I know when our national holidays are and schedule my hols during those times so that I can save holiday time (if they were smart enough to look at any calendar in this country, they’d know when our holidays were too). I’ve explained this to them, as have Smileroid and Young Secretary, but they still constantly complain about it.

The conversation went like this:
New Girl: ‘You can’t keep taking hols on our long weekends. It’s not fair.’
MrT: ‘I turned in my holiday request form on 10 January [the first day of school after Christmas break] and it was approved. I’m not changing my plans for you.’
NG: ‘I wasn’t even f******g working here then!’ [knickers in a twist tone]
MrT: ‘I really don’t care. It’s not my problem.’

I had expected this to happen and was prepared to carry it a bit further. Just before we got off the subject of hols, I said to Bossman, ‘We were told to prepare for this meeting so here’s a list of days holiday I’d like for 2006.’ He and Bosswoman laughed.

New Girl was absolutely gobsmacked.