Friday, May 20, 2005

Showdown with the culprit

Since most of my colleagues were up in arms about not being provided any information about my classes while I was on hols, I decided to go straight to the cause of it yesterday.

MrT: ‘Bossman, what ever happened to the email I sent you before my hols with lesson plans and other info for my subs?’
BM: ‘I read it.’
MrT: ‘Did you print it out and leave it in the inboxes of those that needed to know?’
BM: ‘No, but I passed on the info.’
New Girl (who just happened to be in the office doing something else and overheard us): ‘I wasn’t told anything.’
BM: ‘Ummm’
NG: ‘No one said anything to me at all and that caused problems.’
BM: ‘Oh well.’ *walks away*
Young Secretary: ‘You should have known nothing would get done if you sent it to him.’
MrT: ‘Yes, but I hoped that something would have gotten done. That’s the way it should work.’
YS: ‘But it doesn’t.’

So much for being the optimist.