Friday, May 06, 2005

Oh Lordy-Lord.

This election thingumybob has totally cast me astray - nay, yonder over the highest peaks of Belgium which is curiously strange as I don't understand politeex. Well, no surprise there, but I was watching the elections last night until the early hours of the morning when I had to drag a drunken Quarsan to bed, not to get my wicked way, you understand, but to pass out. And that is exactly what I did, not being the young, spring chicken that I used to be, despite my glorious looks.

Politeex astray, I awoke at around 2pm, missed both of my daughters leaving - one for school and the other for her beau whilst Todd tried his damned to let him leave too. No way, José. [He didn't get that bit.]

So this is a bit of a very disjointed post until I get some further sleep and can find some suitable material that MrT would approve of. At the moment he has shunned me into the 'dunce' corner.

Respect for your elders, if you please.