Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New horizons in daftness

The materials I use for each of my classes are listed on the log for each class, as they’re supposed to be. One of my classes finished Book X in April and we moved onto Book Y the following week. When transferring data from the old log to the new, Young Secretary (quite clearly) crossed out the name of Book X and wrote the name of Book Y. Easy, right? Not at my school.

Smileriod had to teach that class while I was on hols. He panicked due to the fact that he couldn’t find the old book. Apparently, he was too daft to see that it had been crossed out and the name of the new book, of which two copies were sitting on the shelf in the teachers’ room, had been written in. So, he convinced Bossman to find his spare key and OPEN MY LOCKER to look for the old book! I was quite shocked to find this out.

There’s nothing in my locker that shouldn’t be there (mostly my private teaching materials) and granted, it is technically BM’s locker since he owns the school (so I have no problem with him looking in it whenever he wants), but still. Just because of SR’s daftness? Not to mention the fact that I had actually talked to SR about the class he’d be teaching before I went on hols, including showing him the (new) book and telling him where we had left off!