Friday, May 27, 2005

Hols continued

While having a few beers with Smileroid yesterday evening, he told me about his encounter with Bossman on Wednesday when asking for holiday time. It went like this:

SR: ‘I’d like to put in for holiday time in for Christmas.’
BM: ‘No problem, as long as it works around MrTeacher’s.’ [BM knows I take time off at the end of every year to search for the sun.]
SR: ‘I’d like three weeks off at the end of the year.’
BM: ‘You’ve got it. I’ll write it on the calendar and nobody else will be able to have time off then….
SR: ‘Cheers.’
BM: ‘….except MrT.’
SR: ‘What?’
BM: ‘Smileroid, that’s a path you don’t want to go down.’
SR: ‘Okay. As long as I have my time.’
BM: ‘You do.’

I almost died laughing when SR told me. He also informed me that New Girl is going to talk to BM about the unfairness of our holiday system (first come, first serve).

The word daft comes to mind yet again.