Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Someone else gets to experience the idiocy

Smileroid was more than a bit upset yesterday evening when we finished work, so I asked him what was wrong. He then told me that last Friday he had been told (by the office) he'd be teaching a new evening class on Mondays. It was supposed to be a class of two students, both of which were zero (complete) beginners. He tried to get more info (their names, if they wanted business or general English, etc), but couldn't. He asked Young Secretary for more information yesterday and she replied, 'Go away. Don't bother me now', while she was typing a letter. What finally happened? SEVEN students showed up, some of which weren't zero beginners.

There he was....a class of seven students of varying lower levels, enough photocopies for two and the names of none.

I told him that his initiation to our school was now complete.