Monday, April 18, 2005

Out to get me?

Secretary from Hell might have it in for me.

Last week I had to arrange new times for a couple of lessons with two students for this week. So, I brought them into the office, requested Secretary from Hell to come over to timetable board and arranged new times (during my afternoon breaks) with the students. SfH then returned to her computer terminal so that she could input what we had manually done into the timetable in the computer.

Instead of remembering what we had done, she asked them the exact times and dates again. Fair enough, she might have wanted to make sure that she had the correct information. The students then left.

Ten minutes later Bossman returned to the office, and SfH ran over to him. She told him that I had been reorganising lessons with students and not telling the secretaries, and for him to inform me that I was required to do that from now on. She made no mention of the fact that we had made the new arrangements with her standing there and her approval.

Does this warrant a declaration of war?

**** Update 19 April 05 ****
I saw the two above-mentioned students yesterday, and they both told me how rude SfH had been to them as well as me. I casually mentioned to them that they might want to share that information with BM.