Friday, April 22, 2005

My tolerance is wearing thin.

Email from Pompous Ponce to all staff
Please find enclosed a provisional copy of the proposed Peer Observation Form, as discussed at Wednesday´s meeting. Please note that the form has been cunningly devised to avoid any possibility of gleefully destroying a fellow teacher´s lesson, no matter how much you want to (MrTeacher).
My reply to all:
I respectfully disagree with your slander of my name (hence tainting the attitudes of others) and demand an apology to the group you've emailed this to, including Bossman and Bosswoman (whom you've (oddly) omitted from your email distribution list). I would never purposely degrade a fellow teacher and am quite insulted that you think I would.
**** Update ****

The sad thing is that now I'm getting slagged by colleagues for sending my reply to everybody, which I only did because he had sent his to everybody.