Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mind your own business

Last Friday I called Young Secretary on her mobile phone from a phone in the office (despite what happens at work, YS and I have been good friends ever since I've been working for our school). She was on holiday (but still in town) and had told me to call her on Friday to make plans to meet up for a beer at the weekend. After I got off the phone with her, Secretary from Hell asked why I had called her (even though she had heard the conversation and knew why I had), to which I replied, ‘Why not?’ SfH said, ‘She’s on holiday and you shouldn’t bother her,’ to which I added (in a slightly irritated tone), ‘Right. YS and I are good friends [something she's well aware of] and I’ll call her whenever I bloody well want to, not just when you think I should.’

Is there any wonder why she’s being quite unpleasant to me this week?