Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've just about had enough!

Nice Spanish Teacher was ill (yet again) yesterday, and Young Secretary caught me as I came out of my 7h30 – 9h class and asked me to substitute for him for his 10h05 – 10h50 class. She had an odd way of doing it, though. She appeared at the door of the classroom and had a big smile on her face. Here’s how the conversation went:

YS: ‘Hi, best friend’
MrT: ‘Oh no, what do you want?’
YS: ‘Well….’
MrT: ‘Whatever it is, the answer is no.’
YS: ‘NST is ill and I need you to fill in.’
MrT: ‘I have fifteen exams that need to be corrected by tomorrow morning and we now have a teachers’ meeting to attend, cutting into my time. The answer is NO.’
YS: ‘Great, thanks for doing it. ’
*YS leaves*

I think somehow she missed the point, but I taught the class since she was in a difficult situation. Perhaps I can use it as a bit of leverage in the future (it’s almost time to ask for a raise).

After teaching the class, I went down to the office and asked Bossman if NST would be back on Wednesday. I was told that they didn’t know, but was asked to teach the same class today if he wasn’t. The said they’d know around 16h. Fair enough, as that would have been enough advance notice for me to plan properly.

It’s now 6h on Wednesday morning, and I still don’t know if I’m teaching the bloody class or not. No one in the office ever got back to me about it. I called Bossman’s mobile yesterday evening, but only got his voice mail. I left a message telling him that I needed to know as soon as possible and still haven’t heard back (he's probably doing his 'ignore it and it'll go away' routine again).

Fine. Sod them and their bleedin’ class! If NST is ill again today, I'm not teaching it! Perhaps this’ll be a lesson to them that they can’t treat teachers like this!