Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tired of PP

Pompous Ponce and I were in the teachers’ room yesterday when I realised that I had forgotten to correct a couple of essays a student had given me last week after promising to have them corrected by the next class. Noticing that I only had 5 minutes before the class started, I said, ‘Oh shit.’ He looked at me and said, ‘You’re so low-classed.’

Perhaps I am, but I’m not a pretentious twat and wannabe-Londoner like he is.

To give you another idea of how nice he is, here’s how a conversation went last week when he filled in for Clown’s 7h30 class (Clown was ill):
MrT: ‘Welcome to the Tuesday early shift’ [friendly smile on my face and outstretched hand waiting to be shaken.]
Pompous Ponce: ‘MrT, go fuck yourself.’
MrT: ‘I was being friendly. See if that ever happens again.’
PP: ‘Right, mate.’ [in a 'fuck off' tone of voice]

Then there’s the time PP was ill in December and came back and said, ‘I don’t know what the rest of you have done to class P, but I got a standing ovation when I walked in their classroom this morning.’

Could he be anymore arrogant and pompous?

I did get a good one in on him on Monday:
MrT: ‘You should talk to Part Time Colleague about that’
PP: ‘PTC won’t talk to me.’
MrT: ‘I see your popularity is increasing’.

Finally, many of us are sick and tired of hearing his CD over and over again in the teachers’ room while we’re preparing lessons.

The problem? Bossman still thinks the sun shines out PP's arse and he can do no wrong.