Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Putting my foot down

I went into work today to find out that a teachers' meeting has been scheduled for Thursday at 16h45. Since our daytime classes are still on Easter hols, that means I only have to teach a class 15h- 16h30 outside of the school and then cycle to the school for a meeting (the business I have to teach at is closer to my house than the school). Also, I'm pretty sure I can predict what'll happen: Pompous Ponce and New Girl are going to complain about everything under the sun while Clown sits there quietly and Smileroid gets his knickers in a twist over everthing PP and NG say.

So, I talked to Bossman and told him that unless it's imperative that I attend, I would like to be excused from the meeting. He asked why, and I said, 'I need a bit more time away from this place,' to which he replied, 'I understand. You don't have to attend, it's just going to be a lot of organisational things.'