Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Girl is annoying

She’s an arrogant braggart. Everything at our school is wrong and needs to be corrected, and she’s going to be the one to do it because the rest of us are lazy sods. Right. Like I haven’t tried?

She whinges too. She can go out hiking all weekend, but HAS TO have a school car to take home every night because it’s too far to walk from the school to her flat. Granted, it’s a thirty-minute walk but it’s safe the entire way. If she can spend ‘many hours’ at weekends walking in the woods, surely she can walk to her flat. Plus, I’m sure that if anyone tried anything with her, she’d just open her mouth and bore them into a coma by talking about herself. In the past, she’s only had the best jobs, driven the best cars, been the best at everything she’s done, been respected by everyone she’s met, etc. All at the ripe old age of 24.

It gets worse: she’s told me that she plans on staying in our town and at our school for years to come.