Thursday, March 17, 2005

More than a bit annoyed

As I was leaving the school today, Student came up to me and said he’d see me on Tuesday. I asked him what he was talking about because our daytime classes start their two-week Easter holiday on Monday, and he said it’d be for his extra grammar lessons. He then told me the time of the lesson and I told him that that would be impossible because I teach in a town 45 km away from ours at that time. I took him back into the school and we went up to talk to Young Secretary, who of course new nothing about it. Luckily, Bossman came back into the office right after I had asked her.

MrT: ‘BM, there must be some kind of mistake with the time of Student’s extra lessons’
BM: ‘I’m giving him to Smileroid’.
MrT: ‘Oh?’
BM: ‘Yes, sorry’.
Bossman and Bosswoman then left the office for an appointment.

Let’s look at this logically:
  1. Student is my student. I teach the grammar class he attends three times a week.

  2. Student is only getting these extra lessons because I brought the fact that he was far behind his class to BM’s attention.

  3. Student has a grammar exam in his grammar class (that I teach) the second day back from holiday.

  4. Student will be getting extra French lessons from his French grammar teacher.

  5. I will be losing 12 hours a week for the next two weeks while the daytime classes are on holiday. Smileroid doesn’t teach any of the daytime classes that will be on holiday and will not be losing any money during that time.

  6. Smileroid has no idea Student even exists, let alone what his strengths and weaknesses are and what he needs to focus on.

  7. Smileroid has no idea what will be on Student’s grammar exam.

  8. Pompous Ponce brought the same situation of a couple of his students to BM’s attention a while back and is giving them extra lessons.
What frustrates me even more is that I’m almost certain that Smileroid will be told (by BM or YS) to ask me for information on what Student needs to work on due to the fact that I am his grammar teacher.

Is it just me, or does the fact that Smileroid will be teaching Student next week sound illogical to anyone else? If not, could you please explain it to me?

This is the kind of thanks I get for all the hard work I do and all the crap I put up with!