Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bossman is shrewd

We’ve just acquired a much needed additional (third) car at work. However, we had nowhere to park it due to the fact that our school is on a primarily residential street and we were unable to obtain a permit for our area (parking is done by permit in our city with preference given to residents).

Bossman to the rescue.

During her yearly ‘give me more’ chat with him, Bossman offered Young Secretary use of the car on weekends if she’d register the parking permit in her name (she lives on the same road a few doors down from the school). So, according to YS, Bossman has now given her a company car (she even refers to it as ‘My car’) that she can use whenever she wants, and she permits the teachers to use it if she feels like it AFTER they ask her.

The reality? The car is (legally) parked in front of the school, the key is located with the other car keys and teachers just take it and go off with the car when they need it. As far as the weekends go, we’re all allowed to use the cars at the weekends if we want (I rarely do) so BM’s ‘letting’ her use it is no big deal.

To sum it up: Bossman got the parking permit, YS thinks she has a car and we no longer have scheduling problems due to not having enough cars.

I am getting a bit tired of hearing YS bragging about ‘her’ company car, though.