Monday, February 21, 2005

Annoyed part 2

(from last Thursday)

Economic Teacher and Nice Spanish Teacher were both ill last week, so the scheduled had to be adjusted to allow for that. Like I’ve mentioned before, people get ill and I have no problem working extra hours when that happens. We were given a revised schedule last Tuesday.

It turns out that I had to teach three forty-five minute lessons with one class (one was for NST) last Thursday. I walked into the classroom and the students looked quite surprised to see me and asked if I had been ill. I found that question quite odd and asked them why they had thought that. The told me it was due to the fact that they were supposed to have NST at that time and my lesson had been cancelled – needless to say that none of them had brought the books they use in my class. They also told me that they were supposed to go home after the second forty-five minute lesson. I was confused, so I ran downstairs to ask the office what was going on.

Bosswoman (I’m very glad she was here to witness this mess) finally figured out that the office had made the new schedule, posted it for the students to see, and then made some handwritten corrections on it and handed it out to the teachers, but had not posted the corrected version for the students to see. So, what the students had told me was correct (as far as they knew).

She went and got Bossman who was uninterested in all of this (even though it was very likely his mistake) and he said that we should blame it on the students (this is a frequent tactic he uses – nothing is ever his fault). I refused to do that, so BW went back up to the classroom with me to tell them that they had to stay til the normal end of the school day.

I resumed teaching a group of students who had no idea I was coming, with very limited resources (we did writing skills until the break). About five minutes later, BW knocked on my door to see if I needed any photocopies made or if there was anything else she could do for me due to the office’s mistake. At least someone other than me saw the idiocy in it this time.

Of course, the students weren’t happy with having to stay later than they had planned,so they complained to BM on their break, who then said that they could leave at the time their version of the schedule had said they were supposed to without being marked absent. All but one student left.

Needless to say I was quite annoyed at the whole situation.