Friday, January 21, 2005

Lunch with New Guy

I unintentionally had lunch with New Guy yesterday. I was sitting in a local eatery and he walked in and asked if he could join me. I agreed, so he got his lunch and we talked.

I asked him how he ended up at our school, and it turns out that this job was his fourth choice. His first choice was a job in the UK that he didn't get. The second was on a different part of The Continent, the third was in another part of the country-that-won't-be-named, and his fourth was our school. He said he took it because he needed a job somewhere.

I then asked him if he had planned on staying or was just passing through. He told me that as far as Bossman knows, he's here for the long term, but just between us, he's just passing through. Actually, I had already knows that as he had said something similar to Young Secretary and she had told me.

Then it was his turn.

He told me he had heard that I have a bad temper (this most likely dates back to the incidents that happened in September). He refused to tell me who had told him that, so I told him that I once lost my temper due to the idiocy of a few other people.

As we were walking back to work, he asked me if I was going to Secret Smoker's going away party on Saturday. My reply was, 'What going away party?' I hadn't been invited, perhaps because Young Secretary (most likely the organiser) knows I'll be out of town this weekend.

Or not.