Monday, January 17, 2005

A bit odd

The Report Card was mentioned in the Scotsman on 14 January 05. However, the writer (Susan Mansfield) failed to notify me (and most likely the other blogs mentioned - including CCC and Anytown NHS Trust) that she'd be taking (borrowing? stealing?) part of my blog and using it for her personal gain. I'm not one to to complain about being mentioned in an article, and she did credit me with the quote and link to my blog, but shouldn't she have contacted me (and the other bloggers) first before lifting bits from our blogs? That would be the proper etiqeutte in the print world (as far as I know), so shouldn't it also apply to netiqeutte?

Also, how is this different from the problem that Zoe and others are having, other than the length and extent of the content, and the fact that it was published by a periodical, rather than on a blog?

To anyone who has just found my blog from the Scotsman article, welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit and return frequently.