Thursday, December 30, 2004


Hello, my name is JonnyB and I am a louse and a worm.

When Mr. Teacher asked me to write something here, I did warn him that I wouldn’t have a lot of time over Christmas. I just didn’t realise HOW little.

Maybe its for the best. Guest blogging is like sleeping with your friend’s girlfriend whilst he’s away at a sales conference in Newport Pagnell. It’s quite fun to do, but you really don’t want to do it too many times just in case he notices when he gets back.

Having said that, if one is going to risk getting beaten up by an angry ex-friend then it does seem a waste not to try to make it the best shag ever in the history of shags. Which is why it’s so frustrating that I’ve only got a couple of minutes here, and all I can manage is a drunken fumble followed by many embarrassed and self-conscious apologies.

I read the Guardian’s interview with Mr Teacher as homework for this. I liked two things about it. Firstly, I liked the fact that Mr T gave simple and honest answers to an interviewer who came across as fairly unperceptive – it would have been so easy to get drawn into agreeing with a preconceived thesis. Secondly, I liked the fact that Mr T takes the time to write down exact quotes if he can. It seems to me that if you’re going to write about other people in a manner that implies it’s the truth, it’s only courteous to them and fair to both them and the reader that it should be the truth. That’s what I feel anyway.

Oh dear – gone all serious. Anyway. You people all have a Happy New Year. I shall be spending it in the village with some nice friends, and hope to get all sorts of funny stories out of it.

Onwards to 2005. The Real World contains such terrible horrors. Let’s at least make the Virtual one a fun place to be.