Monday, December 27, 2004

Hello, I haven't forgotten.

Yes, yes, before I get rapped across the knuckles by the old MrT for not guest-blogging when I had initially agreed to, here is my second post. Rather grand of me to spend my holiday blogging for someone else who is prancing around in a country with a much warmer climate than Europe, but there we are. I'm a truly wonderful person. The other guest-bloggers are just here out of boredom. I'm in the know, you see.

Actually, I came here because I miss my kids already although it's great when they're not around as I can spend hours using Skype to talk to people on the opposite side of the world. You know the sort - those that walk around upside-down. The Twat was chastising me this morning saying "that was two hours, you know." So ? Who's paying ? No one, that's who. I also made a call to my friend who works at the Indonesian Embassy to see if she's alright. Fortunately, her and her husband's family all live in Jakarta and are all safe. This doesn't apply to thousands of other people who are already dead, injured or missing.

Let's say a little something for the less fortunate.