Wednesday, December 01, 2004


After my 16h30 class yesterday, I went into the office to finish putting comments on report cards for my students and Young Secretary told me that teachers weren't allowed to use computers in the office anymore, but I could use Translator's computer in Bossman's office, so I did. He and I are known for chatting, and we lived up to that while we were both working.

I asked him about the new teacher that he's been looking for, and he told me about his search. He then told me not to tell anyone, but that secret Smoker would be leaving at the end of January or February. He didn't go into the reason, but I'll find out in time. That really surprised me and is a shame, as she's a very nice person.

Why can't it be Pompous Ponce who is going?

***** Update 2 Dec 04 8h35 ****

I vaguely remember talking to YS two weeks ago about a no-frills airline that flys to Scotland, and her reply, 'Oh good, then I can visit SS after she leaves,' but I thought she was only talking about when SS goes home for Christmas for 2 1/2 weeks. Now I know what she meant.