Thursday, November 04, 2004

Normalcy resumes

I teach a Tuesday and Friday morning class and looked at the logbook today to see what had been done while I was away, so that I could start my lesson plan for tomorrow morning. Not a word had been entered. Not even attendance had been taken! I took it to Bossman and asked him if the class had been cancelled, and he told me that Pompous Ponce had taught it and BM wrote the name and teacher's name in it. I asked Old Secretary to call him and find out what had been done and left to teach a class. When I returned, she had written, 'Past Simple'. That's it. Nothing else. I asked if he had told her what materials he had used, and she said, 'No.' The truth is probably that she hadn't asked him. Why on earth would a teacher need to know small details like that?

It's pretty sad when things like this are considered normal